Beehive Fence Update Part 4: Report and Photos from Margy

Aljazeera TV

The Aljazeera TV group from England brought with them many reading materials and they had prizes for the best performed students. It was a great joy for the best perfomed students at Kileva Eastfield school. The kids presented to them poems and traditional dances and the pre school teacher was given stationeries for preschool.

They were acompanied by Dr.Lucy King of the Save The Elephants organisation who discovered that bees are deterient to elephants  and thus she discovered beehive fencing might be a solution to the human wildlife conflict which has contributed much to the peoples poverty through farm raids and loss of  human lives by wild elephants.

They filmed the beehive fencing project and they had live interviews with Mr Kilele, the locals and Dr. Lucy King.

Honey Care Africa

Honey care Africa import honey from Uganda and Tanzania as Kenya doesn’t produce much as the  demand of honey is very high in Kenya. They visited our beehive fences and promised the locals ready market for honey and they shall be coming to collect directly from the farms and there price is 170/=to 200/= per kilo of honey which is an encouraging price.

They are ready to fund the locals or individuals acquire beehives but on condition that the farmers must sell the honey to them. So they are reviewing the idea of putting up more beehives fences to a few farms and we hope it is going to be positive. They are still evaluating the idea of bringing beehives to the villagers even up over the mountains

Carbon Wildlife Works

These people work with wildlife and forest conservation. They are associated with kenya Wildlife service and it has  got about 1000 forest rangers and 1000 game wardens with a lot of office staff. Its main office is in Maungu area (38 km from voi town) and it is overlooking Kasgau mountains and plains which are heavily invaded by elephants.

They wanted to borrow a leaf from Kileva beehive fencing for them to try it to farms in Sasenyi, Mkamenyi, Bughuta, Bungule, Jora and Ngambenyi. Its a big organization and we think funding is not an obstacle to them.

Best wishes


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