Beehive Fence Update Part 1: Al Jazeera TV visit to prepare for filming

The post below is from Kilele regarding a visit last month to Sagalla by people from the Al Jazeera broadcasting company who were preparing to make a film including use of our beehive fences to protect crops from elephant raids.

Over the coming days I’ll post a couple of other subsequent reports from Kilele and Dr. Lucy King (from the Save the Elephants organisation) regarding the  filming and various other meetings that took place when the Al Jazeera crew returned to Sagalla with Lucy earlier this month.



From: Kilele
            Voi, Kenya
            28th Feb 2012

Hi Cliff,

I am back home and today having been going round with guests [Scott and a lady] from the Al Jazeera broadcasting company who came to visit our beehive fencing project in Mwakoma and we had a wonderful day at Eastfield.  Standard five kids performed a traditional dance [kirindi] to the guests.

They will be coming down to Voi again on 7th March accompanied by Lucy King and I think they will be increasing more beehive to our 2nd farm.

It feels good to be the hosts of this project and it has now been confirmed that many people are seeing and reading the news all over the world.

I have alerted the villagers that on 8th March we have a prizegiving day and the guest to present the awards are these guests with Dr.Lucy King and the Area Education Officer (A.E.O.)



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