Sickness in the Kilele family

From: Godwin Kilele
             Voi, Kenya
             6th Feb

Hi Cliff and Jane, Davy, Ally, Katie and the entire Kileva family in England,

I wish to inform you that my lovely kid [my only son–Cliff Evans junior] has been unwell for whole of the past week and we have been moving from Voi to Mombasa for medical attention.

Cliff in Voi last November

It was one cool morning, and as usual, Grace [my wife] who has had malaria for the past two weeks, prepared tea for Naomi [1st born daughter], Joy [my 2nd born daughter and Cliff junior [last born son] and off they went to their respective schools. Joy and Naomi are in a public school while Cliff is in a private academy. After they took off, I also went out to KWS [Kenya Wildlife Services] meeting with the Tsavo East game warden [Mr Boit] to discuss how people have been happy with our Kileva Beehive Fencing initiatives which help the farmers from elephant raids.

But after few minutes, I got a call from Grace telling me that she has  been called to go to Cliff’s school as Cliff was seriously ill. It caught us all unawares and with pani, ran to Moi District Hospital where Cliff junior had been taken. He was there, not talking, just looking straight and we were chased out of the room by the doctors and from there we all wondered what was wrong…we just stood outside praying and praying hard enough, and because God is a mighty God, we were called and when we went inside Cliff was there and was complaining that he was hungry, funny, vey funny, the guy was ok.

When I asked the teacher what happened, the teacher said that it was during maths lesson and when teaching she thought of going back to the staffroom and because Cliff is the brightest in his class, as usual she called cliff infront of the class so that he can continue doing their stuff at tha blackboard, and she called,cliff evans,cliff evens and there was no response and when she moved closely, she noticed the guy was just freezing, eyes opened, and the worst part of it is that, there were no those black things in his eyes, they were plain white, then the lady teacher started screaming and the staff came for help, thats how it happened.

Cliff in Mombassa with medical notes

Iam just back today from Mombasa where I hve bee with my boy for the past few days and still we are comfortable as he is sleepy everytime and so far we have been advised by the Doctor at Pandya Memoial Hospital to send him back after he finishes the dose prescribed which means we go back on 17th this february which of course has been quite expensive to me and I can say Kileva has been generous to facilitate my kids medical expenses throughout all this time. 

Love and regards


Footnote from Cliff senior: Since Kilele sent the above note Cliff junior has undergone further tests and has been diagnosed as suffering from pneumonia. His treatment is ongoing.

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  1. holly purchase

    My thoughts are with you all. Wishing Cliff a speedy recovery. Holly

  2. Heather Griffiths

    So sorry to hear of little Cliff’s illness. What a worry for you all. Best wwishes fore a speedy recovery. Heather

  3. Mark Harris

    get well soon Mini Cliff. Sorry to hear you are unwell.
    Thanks for keeping us informed Kilele and stay strong for Cliff Jnr.

    best wishes

  4. Dear Kilele…..I am sending Cliff, you and your lovely family much love and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for little Cliff. I am not in the UK much at the moment, as filming a lot in South America, but I hope that things pick up for you soon and I also hope that Grace has overcome her recent bout of Malaria. With lots of love, Valeria

  5. Anne Hodgson

    It’s so worrying, Kilele, when your children are sick. Spencer and I send our love and best wishes for little Cliff’s full and speedy recovery, and hope that Grace is completely well again soon. Keep us updated.

  6. Thanks all of you for your generous concern,and i would like to stae clearly that the guy is much better and i hope thats the path to full recovery…But mark Harris is a crazy fello calling my junior cliff—mini cliff..Thanks Harris for you encouraging words

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