Margaret’s Teacher Training Project – Appendices


APPENDIX 1 – Parents / Teachers Questionnaire

Dear Respondents,

The questionnaire is designed to gather data from parents and teachers from Kileva Primary School. All the information you give will strictly be treated with confidentiality and will only be used for the research purpose.


  1. Do not indicate your name/contact anywhere in the questionnaire.
  2. Answer all questions sincerely and to the best of your knowledge. Tick where necessary.

App1 table1 App1 table2

App1 table2

APPENDIX 2 – Interview Questions And Checklist

The interview below was carried out between the researcher and the respondents [pupils and teachers]

  1. How are you comfortable in the classrooms?
  2. Who mainly pays your school fees?
  3. Do other pupils in the upper primary interfere with your learning?
  4. How many teachers are there in the school?
  5. Does the ECDE centre have enough facilities?
  6. How do the parents support the ECDE programmes?
  7. Does the Govt support the ECDE class in Kileva Eastfield Primary School? If Yes, how?

The following questions guided the researcher in collecting information about the school.

  1. Where is the school located?
  2. How are the playing facilities at the school?
  3. How is the teacher/pupil relationship?
  4. What other support programmes are available for the learners at the school?
  5. How are the climatic conditions of the study area?
  6. Which other factors are affecting performance of learners in the ECDE?

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