Margaret successfully completes Teacher Training Course

As you may recall if you’re a regular reader of the blog, the Kileva Foundation has been sponsoring Margaret (one of the original teachers at the Kileva Eastfield Primary School) in her studies to obtain  a Teacher’s Certificate in early Childhood Education at the Taita Taveta Dicece Teacher’s Training College.  For the background click the following links:

Margaret gets a place at college
Margaret at college
Margaret continues her training

Well I’m delighted to say that she has now successfully completed the second and final year of the course, so needless to say I am absolutely delighted and extremely proud of her.

Well done Margaret!



During the course Margaret was asked to undertake some research into the effects of free primary education in early childhood development.  The Kileva Eastfield Ptrimary School featured in her resulting thesis, and so I’ll publish the report over the coming days in separate posts as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Effects of Free Primary Education
  • Chapter 2 – Literature Review
  • Chapter 3 – Research Methodology
  • Chapter 4 – Data Analysis & Discussion
  • Chapter 5 – Discussion Conclusions & Recommendations
  • Appendices

Meanwhile here are some ‘photos of Margaret and her friends taken during their final term at college:

10 11 8 9

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  1. Steve Taylor

    Well done Margaret, a great reward for all your hard work. ‘The sky’s the limit’ now!

    Best wishes, Steve

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