Mark’s running for Kileva!

This Sunday Mark Harris (who as you probably know is one of the Kileva Foundation Trustees) is running in the Marlow Santa’s Fun Run with his two daughters Rosie and Lola.

Half of the money they raise will go to Rotary Charities and the other will go to Kileva, so if you can spare some cash, please click on the image above or opposite then follow the instructions on the resulting Virgin Money Giving website to support this great event.

Many thanks to Mark, Rosie & Lola for their running efforts and to you for supporting them!

Best wishes


PS:  I was registered to do the run myself but damaged a calf muscle on a training run so had to pull out …  😦

Never mind, hopefully I’ll be there next year!

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  1. Thats great of Mak and his daughters as this will help many underprevilledged families and i hope that God will give them strength to finish that race…About you cliff,i wonder how you had been practising with cows[or havent i read and understood where you have just said ”’you damaged your calf mussle”which calf?isnt a calf a young one of a cow?…Anyway ”pole sana”[very sorry

  2. Ah the joys of the English language when the word for a young cow can be the same one for a muscle in a human’s lower leg … 🙂

    But as it happens Kilele there are cows in a field near where I live so actually I do sometimes run with cows!!

  3. Hi all, we did finish the race – and raised over £200 towards our Kileva school lunches. If you want to see the photos and read more about it, please take a look here.

  4. dats very encouraging all de best mr harris and keep it up

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