Donation to Nazarene Nursery & Primary School

Kileva Foundation has two branches in Kenya, one in Sagalla and the other in Mombasa.  The better known of the two is the one in Sagalla where, amongst other things, we are building the Kileva Eastfield Primary School in Mwakoma and the Kileva Community Centre in Kirumbi. 

The lesser known Mombasa branch was established to provide support to the Nazarene Nursery and Primary School which is located to the west of the city in the slums of the suburb of Mikindani. 

The charity became involved with the school when Judy Grundy, who was a trustee of the charity from 2007 until her death in October 2011, began raising funds for Nazarene whilst she worked as a teacher at Marpool Junior School in Heanor, Derbyshire.  Through Judy’s efforts and those of her colleagues, family and friends, major improvements were made to the school including installing security fencing, new roofing, a new classsroom and a new electricity supply.  Additionally Nazarene pupils were provided with much needed food, uniforms and equipment such as stationery and text books.

Judy with Nazarene pupils

It has taken a while to sort the final funds owed to Nazarene  since Judy’s death, but this has now been done and here’s an email from Jaakko Ngwenah (the Director at Nazarene) regarding how the funds will be used:

“Dear Mr. Cliff,Thank you very much for the information about the donation.  Mr. Peter had informed me about this. We still regret the death of our beloved friend Mrs Judy Grundy. The gap left behind is big for the family but we hope they will cope up and continue with life.Judy was a great woman with a big heart for the children in Nazarene.
She indeed a hard working woman who would make sure that things work on the right direction. Here in Nazarene we remain to remember her and her good work. I lost a great and close friend, may her soul rest in eternal peace.

Judy was sponsoring a number of children in Nazarene, so part of this
money will support these children with Books and uniforms, pay fees and the rest we shall use to renovate the class rooms and buy desks for the pupils. 

I hope this information will help you. Otherwise thank you once

With regards,


Jaakko Heinonen Ngwena
Director of Nazarene Primary School
P.O. Box 93191-80102,

Thanks again to Judy for helping to improve the conditions at the Nazarene School and the lives of the pupils that go there.  She is sorely missed by us all.

Best wishes


In loving memory of Judy Grundy

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  1. Its with sadness that we lost judy grundy..She was a human being and a half,although it would be hard to get a person with a heart as her,i hope the Nazarene pupils who wholly depended on her,will still cope up with life because as said by the wiseman”’to be borne is just luck,but die is compulsory”
    Memories of judy will always linger in our minds and we are sure that from her kindness,god will rest her soul in eternal peace…Amen

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