Looking for a useful gift this Christmas?

Are you wondering what useful gift (other than another pair of socks!) you could give Great Uncle George this Christmas?  If so why not give him (or any other your friend / family member for that matter) a personalised Kileva Foundation Gift Card?

It will be hand-crafted especially for them so that inside it will indicate their name, and how you’d like the donation to be used.

It could say for example that they’re helping to build and run the Kileva Eastfield Primary or Kileva Medical and Community Centre, or that they’re purchasing a Kileva Sponsorship Pack to pay for a child’s uniform, books and lunches throughout the year.

Whatever purpose you choose, as always I can personally guarantee that every single penny will go to Kenya to be spent on the item / project of your choice.

To order your gift card(s), simply click HERE  and follow the instructions, and, if there’s anyone else you know that would be interested in giving a Kileva Gift Card this Christmas, please forward on this post to them so that they know how to take advantage of this great gift idea!

Thanks very much for your support.  It will mean a great deal to some very needy children and their families.

Best wishes


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  1. The Gift card link is broken.

  2. Hi Cliff. Is there a way to fix the link to the Gift Card? It stii doesn’t work.

  3. Hi Edith. I have been chasing the company that hosts the Kilevafoundation.com website (through which payments are made) but they still haven’t fixed the issue. I’ll keep pestering them and let you all know when it’s fixed.

  4. Mark: Just sent them

  5. Just realised (with Tara’s help!) that the links on this page to the Gift page didn’t work. Now updated.

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