Thanks to regular Kileva donors

As I mentioned in a recent post thanking LAT3 and Judy Grundy for helping to build new staff houses, it is only because of the donations made by regular donors that the Kileva Eastfield Primary School has been able to grow the way it has.  Each term teachers’ salaries have to be paid, lunches have to be provided, stationary and books have to be bought and classrooms have to be equipped with desks and tables.

For example this month we have approved the budget requested to purchase additional desks and books for the new standard 6 class (which will become operational in January) and to purchase enough stationery for next term for the whole school.

Budget to purchase desks, books & stationery (prices in Kenyan schillings)

In addition to this there are three teacher’s salaries to be paid (as mentioned in my last post) and each month we pay for the children’s lunch at school.  Provision of lunches began following an appeal I made last year, and although the appeal funds ran out at the end of last year, we decided to continue providing lunch because of the significant benefits it brings.

As I mentioned above none of this would be possible without regular donations from Kileva supporters, and here is a letter of thanks from the Mwakoma community:

Letter of thanks from Mwakoma community

I won’t embarrass the donors by listing their names here, but did want to add my sincere thanks to that of the Mwakoma community for your continued support.  It’s very much appreciated.

If anyone else would like to set up a standing order please do so by supplying your bank with the following Kileva Foundation bank details:

  • Bank Name: Barclays
  • Sort Code: 20-71-03
  • Account #: 20205834

Additional information about the bank (should you need it) is as follows:

  • IBAN: GB93 BARC 2071 0380 3577 23

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi cliff, I just tweeted this out too “Thanks to regular Kileva donors for helping to clothe, educate and feed African schoolchildren via @Kileva”

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