Kileva Eastfield staff houses completed thanks to Judy & LAT H3

Lunches, Stationery, Books and Desks

As the Kileva Eastfield Primary School has grown, so too have the expenses of running the school.  Each term teachers’ salaries have to be paid, lunches have to be provided, stationary and books have to be bought and classrooms have to be equipped with desks and tables. None of this would be possible without the donations made to the charity by those of you that have set up monthly standing orders, and I’ll post an blog entry in the next week or so on this subject so that you can get an idea the things that your money is spent on.

Staff Houses

However this post is to thank two specific groups of people for enabling us to add three extra rooms to the staff houses that are available for use by the teachers at the school.  Here’s a recent note from Kilele about this:

Thanks to Judy

Original two rooms (pre-school in background) completed in 2010

Third room (on left) now added

The addition of the third room was made possible by my very good friend Judy Grundy who died a year ago this month.  Before her death Judy asked that a proportion of any money raised at her funeral should be given to Kileva, and I’m delighted to say that there were sufficient funds to build the room you see above.

In recognition of this I’ll take a small plaque with me next time I visit with Judy’s Room engraved on it, and will fix it to the wall when I’m there.

Thanks to LAT H3

New two-room block

New two-room block

The new two-room block above was built using funds donated by a group of people called LAT H3 that visited the school earlier this year.  Members include my brother in law John & his wife Marianne.  For details of their visit click here

The LAT H3 members have asked that the new 2-room block be named in remembrance of Roger Hawthorne (Seismic) who was a member before his death.  Roger was paramount in organising support for children in Nigeria, and the group feel it would be fitting to continue this tradition at Kileva Eastfield.  I will therefore take another plaque with me next year with Seismic’s Room engraved on it to fix to the wall.

The resulting two staff houses

The resulting two staff houses with a total of 5 rooms, three on the left, 2 on the right

Thanks again to Judy and to all the LAT H3 members who made building the new rooms possible.  It means a great deal to everyone involved in the running of the school, but particularly to the teachers who are now able to live on site.

Best wishes


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