On safari with Margaret, Kilele & family

When we visited Kenya last year we took a day off from Kileva duties to go on safari.  Margaret, Kilele, Grace (his wife), Joyce and Naomi (his daughters) all came too.  Cliff (his son) had school exams so unfortunately couldn’t come along.

The Gates

You can enter the park through three main gates: the Bachuma Gate near Mombassa, the Sala Gate near Malindi and the Manyani Gate near Voi. We entered as usual through the Voi gate.

A Bit of History

The park is one of the oldest and largest in Kenya.  It opened in April 1948 and is divided into east and west sections by the Nairobi-Mombassa highway and railway. It’s named after the Tsavo River which flows west to east through the park, and, following Kenyan independence in 1963, hunting was banned in the park and management was turned over to the authorities that eventually became the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The Animals, Birds and Humans

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Letters from Joyce & Naomi

Joyce and Naomi

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  1. What a great day this was – on safari in the Tsavo bush all day with the Kilele family and Margaret – great company and plenty of animals and birds.
    Of course the animal experts among you will have spotted that one of the photos is of a Grant’s gazelle and not a Thompson’s gazelle, which has a dark stripe across its abdomen.
    Thanks for the letters Joyce & Naomi, they are charming and your spelling is VG

    Best wishes, Steve

  2. Steve forgot to mention that we also saw the type of birds called ,,,,,foolish stupid bustards ,,,,,

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