Letter from Purity

From : Purity Barisa

I Purity Nyamvula Barisa wish to salute you and your family.

I thank god that i crossed the year 2012 fine and healthy. I also thank god that I am still in Kileva Primary School. The school is good and children are dong very well.

Being in Kileva Eastfield is a blessing from god. This is because i thought i could not make it due to the problem i got last year when my beloved husband passed away on 20th oct 2011. This made me feel lonely but i thank god here iam strong enough to continue with my work.

My Dec holiday was fine that i was busy with my college work as i am undergoing a diploma course to uplift my grade and my teaching standards. I also enjoyed my xmas day by receiving visitors[relatives from all parts of my country. We celebrated it well by eating, drinking and enjoying entertainment together. We went to ngutuni lodge for entertainment,then children played different games,swam and did alot of things.

On 3rd jan 2012, we opened school. We started our daily routin of work.

Our class 5 children started class work with alot of  eager. Now that we are starting another year,the programs go the same as other years.

We have scouting movements which is renewal in each year.all scouts ought to renew their membership.so will look upon your support on the same issue.

Scouts uniform also is very important as in the competitions uniforms are a must. I being the scout leader of the school, wish to thank you very much on behalf of the school fraternity for the big support you gave us last year on the side of the scouts.god bless you.

I conclude by saying may god give you long life so that you may continue supporting our children, parents and community as awhole.

Thank you very much

Best wishes

Purity Barisa

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