Beehive Fence Project Expansion – more ‘photos

11th July

Hi Cliff,

Sorry to be brief but thought you would be happy to see some of the latest photos from the five new beehive fences that we’ve constructed. Here is he link….

Beehive workshop at Kileva Eastfield School

I’ve got to be in Samburu this weekend but will be building at least one more beefence for an 8th shamba in Mwakoma in August with 12 remaining beehives. In the meantime, We have a delegation from Botswana coming to see the project on the 20-21st july which will be quite a big event. Will send you photos!

We’ve also found a brilliant bee man who has occupied 12 of the hives we put in a separate beehive fence 5km from Voi on the Nairobi end of town in just three weeks. I plan to hire him to help us get occupation levels up in Mwakoma when the rains arrive. He captures live swarms from trees and rocks using wooden bee catcher boxes, just what we need!

Best wishes,


Dr Lucy King
Elephants and Bees Project Leader
Save the Elephants
P.O. Box 54667, Nairobi 00200, Kenya

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