BBC Film “Queen of the Savannah”

As mentioned in a recent blog post ,  the film “The Queen of the Savannah” showing footage of our beehive fences at night was shown recently on BBC2. 

Here are a couple of photos of Julie Moniere (the camera woman) filming at the time

Also here are some stills from the program where the Kileva Foundation and our Mwakoma villagers were mentioned in the credits. 

This is all good publicity for Lucy King of the Save The Elephants organisation and let’s hope it brings more funding for her and her team to continue the great work they’re doing to protect crops and provide a sustainable additional income to the farmers of Mwakoma and surrounding villages.



PS: For more information about Lucy’s work click on the image below.





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  1. The IR images really do demonstrate that elephants radiate heat from their ears! Must try and watch this.

  2. Hi CLiff, can we put this BBC video clip into the blog somewhere – so I can point people to it 😉

  3. Mark: When I click the play button I get the message “Media selection request failed.” I presume you don’t?

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