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Making a difference

Since Kileva began back in 2006 the number of people supporting the projects we run in the Sagalla region of Kenya has gradually grown. I often hear that one of the main reasons they support us is that they know that every single penny contributed goes to supporting children and their families in Kenya.

A recent example of this was when Steve Taylor (who came on the recent Kileva 2011 trip with us) received the following note from Rachel Errington a long-time Kileva supporter:

“‘Thank you [Steve] very much for the Kileva CD and updates that I’m now getting. Kenya must be amazing – very pleased to see that these donations are making a real difference. That’s the attraction of small charities; the money goes where it should.

Thanks again to Rachel and to all you other Kileva supporters who together really are making a difference to the lives of many Sagallan children and their families.

Best wishes


Additional uniform at Kileva Eastfield Primary School

Below is a selection of the photos that Mr Mrata refers to in his letter.

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