Margaret at Taita Taveta Dicece Teachers Training College

From Margaret Kiriro
              Kileva Eastfield Primary School
              Mwakoma, Kenya

Sat, 30 April, 2011

Hi cliff.

I have just arrived in voi,from college.things were just good only that we had alot of work to cover within the three weeks which we had.we did the exams too but the resuls are not soon as they are out i will keep you informed.

Margaret at College

The college is good,we eat well balanced meals,we were provided with matresses the day we reported,and we slept comfortable,only that the area is a malaria breeding zone and we got alot of mosquito bites,especially during preps time.We were given college identity cards the day we reported.

We used to attend classes from monday to sat,as the period of learning was very short.the classes started at 7.00am morning and ended 5.30pm.thereafter we went for supper at 6.00pm.immidiately after supper we go back to classes again until 9.00pm,the break for sleep until morning again.

This term we coverd only 5 units which are;philosophical sociological and methodology in ECDE Kenya,Child Development,General Methods of teaching,Mathematics and these units we were required to buy the modules which covers these term we are going to cover another 5 different units.generally we are supposed to cover 21 units,meaning that we are going to remain with 11 units to be covered in Dec and next year learning seasons.

I have attached my college identity card plus Anges’ which we were given in college.

 Below is a photo of me with madam Agnes and a friend of mine called Penina in Taita-Taveta Dicece Teachers Training College.

Penina, Margy, Agnes

Thanks very much.i wish you a happy day


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