Teacher Appointment Letters and thanks to Margaret

Appointment Letters

The appointment by the Kenyan government of the new headmaster (Mwambuta S. Mrata) and teacher (Purity Nyamvula Barisa) to the Kileva Eastfield Primary School earlier this month is a significant step forward in the history of the school. 

Head Teacher Appointment Letter

From the very beginning back in 2006 when the charity first committed to building the school, we have been lobbying the government to fund all onglong running costs such as teachers salaries, text books, stationary etc, and so we very much welcome the new teachers and look forward to the contribution by the Kenyan government increasing over time.
Teacher Appointment Letter

Thanks to Margaret Kiriro

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Margaret for the excellent work she has done as stand-in Head Teacher at the Kileva Eastfield Primary School since it was first opened in January 2008.  During that time she has performed her duties exceptionally well, showing not only the skills and temperament required to be a great teacher, but also the organizational and supervisory skills needed to be a first class school administrator.

Cliff and Margaret at the top of the Sagalla mountain

Margaret will remain on the teaching staff at Eastfield and will continue her crucial role as co-ordinator of the building work at the school which will continue to be funded by the Kileva Foundation during 2011.

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  1. Congratulations team and well done Margaret. This Government support recognises what a fantastic job you and the team have done! keep up the great work. Mark H

  2. Spencer Hodgson

    An absolutely amazing achievement in just 3 years, making such a difference to so many children’s lives.

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