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Kileva Foundation 2011 Annual General Meeting Minutes

From Jos Sewell,
           Kileva Foundation
           4th December 2011

Present Apologies
Cliff Evans (Chair) Katie Evans
Jane Evans (Treasurer) Helen Grundy
Jocelyn Sewell (Secretary) Godwin Kilele
Mark Harris (Marketing and Communications Director) Margaret Kiriro
Alison Ainge  
Damian Ainge  
Anne Hodgson  
Spencer Hodgson  
Stephen Taylor  

1.       Recent KenyaTrip Report

Cliff and Jane Evans, Steve Taylor and Dave Wise visited Kenya in November. They spent a very busy and enjoyable week. As well as three visits to Kileva Eastfield Primary School, they also presented medals and certificates at Kirumbi, Kajire, Kizumanzi, Gedion Mosi and Mwamunga primary schools and at Mwangea Secondary.

They were accompanied throughout by Godwin Kileva and Margaret Kiriro (the Kileva officials in Kenya) and at times by the District Education Officer who was very positive in his support for Kileva.

There were also useful meetings with the District Youth and Sports Officers and a visit to the Chief in Sagalla.

The sporting highlight was the Kileva Football League Final, won this year by Kajire. The Foundation was able to distribute footballs and football boots provided by the Boots for Africa campaign as well as football shirts, balls and other kit collected by Dave Wise.

Steve took hundreds of photos and also recorded songs and poems performed at the schools. These are available on CD and will be appearing over the coming weeks on the blog site.

2.       Annual Report for FY2011

2.a Trustees Annual Report

Cliff presented the Trustees’ Annual Report to the Charity Commission for the period 1/11/10 to 31/10/11.


The main achievements of the charity during the year were summarised.

    • Kileva Eastfield Primary School, Mwakoma
      • Classroom 5 built including concrete floor, roof, windows and door
      • Class 5 desks provided
      • New girls toilet built
      • Store room and kitchen built
      • Educational supplies provided
      • Lunches provided
      • 3 teachers and 1 security guard funded
      • Uniforms provided
    • Kileva Medical Dispensary, Kirumbi
      • Medical supplies provide
    • Nazarene Primary School, Mombasa
      • Educational supplies provided
      • Classroom refurbishment carried out
    • Kileva Educational Awards Programme, Voi District
      • Kileva certificates and medals provided throughout the year to the best 3 students in each of the 8 year groups at 10 schools

2.b.   Receipts and Payments Accounts

Cliff presented the accounts for 1/11/10 to 31/10/11.

In the last year just under £26,000 income was received (including Gift Aid) and just under £27,000 was paid out leaving £1,600 in the cash fund given that there was £2,756 in the fund carried forward from last year.

The largest donations this year came primarily from sponsored events such as the Waitrose 3 Peaks challenge and the Ainge Wedding, from the two fund-raising events in Irlham, Manchester and The Mill Theatre in Sonning. Thanks especially to Eastfield School, Glasgow  and Platt Bridge Community School in Wigan for their fundraising efforts and to all individuals for their continuing donations.

3.       Retirement of existing Officers and Trustees

In line with clause 18, sub-clause 3 of the constitution, the existing officers (Cliff Evans, Jane Evans, Mark Harris and Jocelyn Sewell), and the other Trustees, (Damian Ainge, Mandy Cole, Alison Evans, Helen Grundy and Stephen Taylor) retired.

The AGM noted with great sadness the death of Judy Grundy this year. She was a trustee from the very beginning and a staunch supporter of the Foundation.

4.       Election of Officers and Trustees for FY2012

The following officers were elected:

Chair                                                                           Cliff Evans                 

Treasurer                                                                   Jane Evans               

Secretary                                                                   Jocelyn Sewell          

Marketing and Communications Director              Mark Harris

The following trustees were elected:

          • Cliff Evans
          • Jane Evans
          • Damien Ainge
          • Alison Ainge
          • Mark Harris
          • Ann Hodgson
          • Spencer Hodgson
          • Stephen Taylor

5.       Plans for 2012

5.a  Anticipated income

      i.    Kileva fund raising initiatives

Income from standing orders is currently £310 per month whereas expenses are currently at least £15,000 a year (assuming building one classroom per year). Fund raising is therefore crucial, but difficult in the current economic climate. All trustees and supporters are urged to use personal contacts to publicise the work of Kileva and to attract more regular donations. It was noted that in the past, Cliff and Jane Evans have filled any funding shortfalls from their personal finances, but this is not sustainable.

Corporate sponsors

Cliff is hoping to obtain some funds from Cisco Systems who have a charitable scheme whereby any donations made by Cisco employees to an approved charity will be matched by Cisco.  The process to gain approval for Kileva Foundation to join the scheme is under way.

Katie Evans has used her contacts at Waitrose to get donations from sponsored events.


Schools in the UK are another good source of donations if there is a personal link and a committed teacher. EastfieldSchoolis the obvious example.

Individual sponsors

There was discussion about the best sponsorship packages to offer on the website. As funds can be provided per pupil from the Education Office (see next item), then increasing pupil numbers is important.  Packages to make it more attractive for parents to send their children to school were seen as a priority. Not only does this help the children, but increased school roll equals increased funding. Suggestions such as sponsoring lunch for a class or uniforms were discussed. Cliff has since discussed this with Mark and Sponsorship packages are now abailable on the Gifts page of the website.

Water Initiative

The water initiative is currently dormant. If anyone is interested in trying to get some more restaurants signed up, Cliff can supply the details.

Kileva Tours

There is interest from a number of supporters to visit the Kileva projects so that they can see firsthand the work that’s going on and to help out where possible.  Cliff (with Mark) will look into the possibility of setting up and promoting such trips in the coming year.

ii. Kenyan Government Funding (CDF, Education Office)

The Kenyan education authorities are currently paying for two teachers and this should increase to three. Kileva is currently paying salaries for three teachers and a security guard. The kindergarden teacher is paid for by the parents.

Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that any further funds will come from the Community Development Fund (CDF).

The District Education Officer (DEO) can allocate grants per child. Increasing the numbers of children enrolled is therefore a good way of increasing income.

5.b  Expenses

   i.    Education
The trustees decided that with the uncertainty about the amount of money that will be raised this year and with only £1,600 in the cash account, building classroom 6 at Kileva Eastfield should be postponed. The available funds should be used to ensure that the school is well supplied and functions well. The teachers should have a pay rise, we must provide enough text books and school materials, and we should provide lunch for the children every day.

We remain committed to funding the award scheme and to providing financial help to the other schools where possible.

    ii.    Health

It is unlikely that there will be further capital outlay on the dispensary, but medical supplies will be funded as required.

6.      Any other business

The trustees would like to thank the Kileva Eastfield School committee, teachers and parents in Mwakoma for their hard work in making the school the success it is today.  However in particular they would like to thank Godwin Kilele and Margaret Kiriro because without their continued dedication and commitment the work of the Kileva Foundation in Kenya would not be possible.


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