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BBC Visit Sagalla. Scene 4: Attending school prizegiving

During their visit to film the elehpants in Sagalla, Lucy & her dad (Alan) plus Julie & Valeria (both from the BBC) took time out to present Kileva awards and to hand out gifts they’d brought at the Kileva Eastfield School prize-giving day.  In Lucy’s words:

“The BBC and I had made some donations to the school in the form of stationary and games so that went down well. In summary we donated A4 archer files, boxes of pens, dozens of exercise books, staplers, glue, post it notes, marker pens, rulers, envelopes, balls, frisbees, skipping rope, a memory animal game and plenty of selotape. We hope this helps but more hopeful that the local government system will start to provide these essential supplies in the future.”

Here are a selection of ‘photos taken by Julie during the event.

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