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BBC Visit Sagalla. Scene 1: Arriving at Kileva Eastfield School

As reported in an earlier blog post (click here for details) the BBC joined Lucy King and her father when they visited our projects in Sagalla earlier this year.  They were doing a film for the Natural World Series (BBC 1) on the African Honey Bee and wanted to incorporate our beehive fences into the story.

I’m delighted to say that Julie Moniere (the film cameraman) has sent me some photos of the trip.  Over the next few days I’ll post them to the bog in the following “scenes”:  

  • Scene 1:  Arriving at Kileva Eastfield School
  • Scene 2:  Visiting the Kileva Beehive Fences
  • Scene 3:  Showing the film to the school kids
  • Scene 4: Helping out at the school prizegiving
  • Scene 5:  Watching school play about elephants
  • Scene 6:  Shots of parents & pupils at the school

And now to scene 1 …

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