Notice of Kileva Foundation 2011 AGM

The Kileva Foundation 2011 Annual General Meeting will be held at the registered offices (16 Cypress Road, Woodley, Reading) on Sunday 4th December 2011 at 11:00.
  1. Recent Kenya trip report
  2. Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2011 for submission to the Charity Commission of England & Wales
  3. Trustees Annual Report
    1. Receipts & Payments Accounts
  4. Retirement of existing Officers and Trustees
    1. In line with clause 18 sub-clause 3 of the constitution, the existing Officers (Cliff Evans, Jane Evans & Jos Sewell) and other Trustees ( Alison Evans , Steve Taylor, Helen Grundy, Mandy Cole, Damien Ainge, Mark Harris) shall retire.
  5. Election of Officers and Trustees for remainder of FY12
    1. In line with clause 18 of the constitution, Officers and Trustees for the remainder of FY12 will be elected
  6. Plans for FY12
    1. Anticipated income
                                          i.    Kileva fund raising initiatives
                                         ii.    Kenyan government funding (CDF, Education Office)
    1. Anticipated expense
                                          i.    Education
                                         ii.    Health
                                        iii.    Other
If you would like to submit comments for review at the meeting please email me at
Best wishes
Cliff Evans

Founder & Chairman, Kileva Foundation

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