Kileva Football Cup Final

The Kileva Awards Scheme ( was initially established to reward achievement in education but quickly expanded into areas where we could encourage community development and sport.

The Kileva Football Cup competition is one such sporting initiative which brings teams from across the Sagalla region together over a period of weeks to compete for the Kileva Cup.  This years competition culminated in the Kileva Cup Final taking place on Tuesday 8th November to coincide with our recent visit.  In Kilele’s words:

  •  “At exactly 2pm [african time],we attended kileva football finals at the kizumanzi stadium[old trafford or the slaughter house if you wish to call it so]. Itwas wonderful and the winners and 2nd runnersup were given medals, trophy,footballs, whistles, and both two teams got football shoes from england.”

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It was a close game with both sides putting their heart and soul into a hard fought game which Kajire won by one goal to nil.  Congratulations to them and also to Kizumanzi for treating us to such a sporting and entertaining game.  Thanks also to Dave for supplying the whistles and to Sheffield Fooltall Club (via their Boots For Africa campaign) for supplying the boots.

Best wishes,


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  1. the photos are magnifisent.i wish there was another way of making many people visit this blog site,they could have been enjoying.thanks cliff

  2. Mark Harris

    Great to see the pictures of the game. I’d love to come out and watch the finals live. This is the next best thing to being there. thanks

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