Kileva 2011 Kenya Trip – Kilele’s View

From Godwin Kilele
Voi, Kenya
Hi Readers,
First and foremost,on behalf of my family and the entire sagalla community wish to pass our infinite gratitudes to the entire Kileva Foundation Board members,Uk donrs and welwishers for their contribution and support they have so far given to my community in sagallaland in voi kenya.
Recently,the Chairman[mr cliff Evans]of Kileva foundation[u.k] accompanied by a few Board members from Englishland[mama jane,steve and dave wise]visited kenya for inspection of kileva projects.They arrived in voi on 5th november 2011.
Day 1 had no much activites and we met them at the Voi Distarr Hotel for exchange of pleasantries. I Godwin Kilele,madam Margaret of Kileva Foundation Voi, Grace[my wife],  Naomi[my 1st born daughter],  Joy[my 2nd born daughter] and cliff[my only son] met them and how wonderful it was to meet again,it was a good family reunion. my kids were very happy to meet their white grandparents. We couldnt hold them any longer as they were too tired after driving from nairobi airport[6hr drive] and thus we released them to checkin to their lodge[voi wildlife lodge]
Day 2 was full of events.At 10,we had a meeting with the District youth officer and also the District sports officer. It was a one hour meeting but it was successful. At 11.30am,we had another meeting on the same venue with District Education officer. Although it was lengthy, but it was a great meeting. From there, we just started visiting the villages just informally, from Kileva school to the Kileva dispensary to the beehive fences and the local farms.
On monday 7th we visited Kirumbi primary school, Kileva Eastfield school  and Kajire school and the best performing kids were awarded with medals,certificates and other presents.
On 8th,we visited sagalla mountains and we paid a courtesy visit to the chief and staight headed to kizumanzi primary school.We visited my mothers home, Kileva scouts tree nursery,visited kileva dairy and from thre we went for sight seeing[where one is at the cliff of a mountain and you see all the flat nyika plateau land [all of tsavo east national park].
At exactly 2pm[african time],we attended kileva football league finals at the kizumanzi stadium[old trafford or the slaughter house if you wish to call it so]. Itwas wonderful and the winners and 2nd runnersup were given medals, trophy,footballs, whistles, and both two teams got football shoes from england.[What do you think]. From 4pm,we stared coming down the hill as it is slopy and needs careful driving.
On 9th,it was  a safari day to Tsavo east national park and my family was thrilled  as the kids saw lions, cheetas, giraffes, red elephants, dikdiks, impalas and not forgetting the bustard birds . [these long legged birs are sometimes called ‘foolish bustards’ as we were told by steve the cameraman :-)].
We had our parked lunch at mdanda rock [a 2km rock].We had several boxes of chicken, juices, croisants, boiled eggs which mama jane hd prepared for our safari. What excited us most is that, cliff, steve and dave normally dont take lunch as they claimed that in england, they dont take lunches as they are too busy and so they are used to ,so we feasted on their shares and it was good ,i wish i could live with people of this calibre and you know what, within a short spell of time, i will grow a protruding stomach.
On 10,we started with G.mosi pri school,then mwamunga primary school and we finished with mwangea sec school and all the best performing kids got awards under the kileva awards scheme.
It was a bad day for us on 11th as we had to part ways as the guests were going back to Englishland and because we are all very emotional,especially mama jane who hates long goodbyes,we did it quickly and off they went,what we have remained with are memories,it was wonderful.
Regards and Love,
Godwin kilele

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  1. Anne Hodgson

    This is a lovely record of the visit Kilele and takes me right back 2 years to when Spencer and I were there. We with you all in spirit this year, re-living that time. I hope you and your family are well.
    Anne x

  2. thanks anne,how is spencer anyway?tell him not to keep too quiet

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