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The Ainge Toilet

When my daughter Alison got maried to Damien in August of this year they decided that instead of people buying them wedding presents they should make donations to the Kileva Foundation instead. 

Ali & Damien at Kizumanzi School in Oct 2008

As a result of the generous donations made we are delighted to say that we have built and named the new staff toilet at the Kileva Eastfield school the “Ainge Toilet” in their honour.

Thank you to very much to Ali & Damien and to all the people that contributed; the staff at the school are most grateful!

Best wishes


PS: I tried the toilet when I was there and I must say I was very impressed  🙂

Damien & Ali on their wedding day, Aug 2011


It’s raining in Sagalla

From Godwin Kilele
Voi, Kenya

Dear all,

We are all well here in kenya and iam telling you its been raining since the day cliff, jane, steve, and dave went back to englishland from kenya, i think they brought us rain from england.

Farmland near Mwakoma

We are very proud to see the much work you are doing to help us here in kenya and thus we wish you well and happiness. May God bless you abundantly.

Well,to be sincere[not sarcastic],i wont make it to  england for the 4th Dec 2011 meeting as i have much commitments to some family issues.  please pass my apologies to the uk Board members. But if you wont mind,you can forward to me the minutes  of the meeting.

Otherwise love and regards to all.


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