Religion and traditional beliefs of the Taita People

From: Aggrey Mtalaki

The Taitas now have two most common religions:

  1. Christianity
  2. Muslim

Most of the Taitas are Christians and they believe in one god called Mlungu.  They worship through sacrifices by sacrificing goats or sheep in times of calamities such as drought, wars and famine.

Most of the Taitas have put aside their early traditions and beliefs due to the effect of the western civilisation and religion.  For example most of them no longer pray in skull caves but in churches.  The Taita had a very unique culture in which the dead were highly respected.  When a person died he was buried for a period of one year at which time their body would be exhumed.  The skull would be severed from the rest of the body and taken to a sacred cave.  The cave is where the skulls were rested and treated as sacred place where people would pray for rain or give out sacrifices in case of any crisis.  They believed that the dead were too close to the ancestors. 

The Taita also used to practise both male and female circumcision, both male and female were circumcised at the age of 7 – 11 years.  Femal circumcision is now discouraged.

These cultural beliefs became faded after the invention of religion (Christianity).  With the coming of the missionaries they brought about Christianity which ended up evicting peoples traditions of cultural beliefs.

Aggrey Mtalaki
3rd Year Student,
Pwani University Campus, Jkuat,Kenya

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