Elephants in Samburu

From: Kilele
Voi, Kenya

Iam so sorry to tell you that, things arent good in kenya where the ”’Save the elephants organization”’ is. Wild elephants have raided all farms and have destroyed all the foods in many farms at Samburu central farms and its very disappointing to see it in the National broadcasing corporation.

The KWS  (Kenya Wildlife Service) people have been called and to put the nail in the wound, they  have just said that they will pay anyone who have been killed by the animals and thus their policies states that ”no compensations, but only incase of deaths”—Crazy organisation.

Anyway, the Maasai have just given word to the government that they will kill as many elephants as they can, and believe me, they will.  I know them, they dont joke and no one can stand between their decisions if they have been passed by their local elders.


Posted on 20/09/2010, in Elephants & Bees. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hi Kilele, so sorry to hear this about the Elephants. I hope things calm down and people see sense.

    Please keep us informed here, as we’re all very interested.

    Have we told Lucy King at Save the Elephants?

    All the best

  2. Hi Mark,

    I know Lucy is well aware of the situation. In fact I believe she’s now back in Kenya after spending the summer back at the university in Oxford.


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