Kileva Beehive Fence Update

From: Lucy King
Elephants and Bees Project, Save the Elephants 
P.O. Box 54667, Nairobi 00200, Kenya
Date: 15th November 2010
Dear Cliff,
I have just come back from a wonderful visit to Sagalla where I was warmly greeted by all the Kileva teachers and farmers.
We had a good walk around both farms with the beehive fences. Bernard is doing particularly well, he also has a job at the school now as a teacher so that income has obviously boosted his family’s financial position. He has now harvested his first beehive and got 7 kilos of honey which he sold for 1,200 shillings. This wasgreat news and he appears really incentivised by this sale to look after the rest of the hives. I was so encouraged that he harvested the hive properly by leaving the brood chamber and queen alone which means the bees are still there and he should be able to harvest again in a couple of months. We are waiting for the rains to arrive with the new flowers before we expect any more hive occupations.
Ambrose has also maintained the hives very well but has no occupations which is disappointing. Every time one gets occupied the wasps appear and chase the bees away. We hope the smoking of the hives will now keep the wasps out but it seems a particular problem in his farm. We’ll reassess after the rains have come and see if the problem has resolved itself.
I hope all is well with you, best wishes from Kenya,

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