Elephants damage homes in Mwakoma

From: Kilele
Date: 11th November, Voi, Kenya

Lucy and I also today visited few of the homes and properties destroyed by the wild animals [elephant in mwakoma] last week and here are afew photos of

  1. a house pulled down
  2. matresses taken out and other beddings by the elephants
  3. cassavas eaten and destroyed by the elephants.


Destroyed house

Removed bedding

Damaged crops

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  1. Steve Taylor

    Terrible damage Kilele and very upsetting for the community. I cannot imagine why elephants would destroy houses, they seem to be as unpredictable as Homo sapiens. Is this damage in an area not protected by beehive fences?

    Best wishes, Steve.

  2. Steve,

    It could be that they could smell water in the house. It would be very unusual that they would do such a thing unless motivated by the promise of food or water.

    The house is not in an area protected by the fences


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