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Elephants damage homes in Mwakoma

From: Kilele
Date: 11th November, Voi, Kenya

Lucy and I also today visited few of the homes and properties destroyed by the wild animals [elephant in mwakoma] last week and here are afew photos of

  1. a house pulled down
  2. matresses taken out and other beddings by the elephants
  3. cassavas eaten and destroyed by the elephants.


Destroyed house

Removed bedding

Damaged crops

Farmers harvesting honey from Kileva Beehives

From: Kilele
Date: 11th November, Voi, Kenya

Hi Bwana cliff

I am very glad to inform you that lucy king came today in voi and its until now that we have completed going round the two experimental beehive farms. there was alot of improvements as the farmers had started harvesting honey and there are no crop raids [have been minimal].

Kileva Beehive Fence, Nov 2010

Lucy donated some seedlings to farmers and inspected the beehives which have been well maintained by the farmers. Although the village committees wanted to meet her to thank her for the work she has been doing to our community, she couldnt manage as she only had one day in voi

Otherwise Lucy said she will forward to you much more information on the progress of the beehive fences.

Love to mama jane


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