End of Term School Report

Mwakoma, Kenya.  2nd August

Dear Cliff

Class 1 results

It has been a wonderful term for us, here in Mwakoma.  I and other teachers enjoyed our teaching period for this term, though the term seemed very long due to running up and down going for school development meetings, teaching, undergoing sickness both the teachers and the kids, but now we are breaking for the August holidays.

Class 2 results

The school kids are doing good.  This term’s results are really promising especially for Class 3.  I think both teachers and the kids are really doing a perfect job towards their work.  High discipline was observed despite much illness and a high rate of absenteeism within the course of the term was observed.  I think this was due to much troubles which are being caused by drought.  Attached are the end of term reports for each of the 3 classes.

Class 3 results


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  1. Glad you’ve had such a good term Margaret, I often think of you all and wonder how you are doing.

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